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The animal forms I create have long represented for me a metaphorical place to dwell, reside and transform.  A place to identify and refine our own nature. A place to cycle into recognizing others and their role in the shared process of becoming.  Art provides the opportunity to take our place within the wider world.

TrudySkariNewSeptember15-impA place. To give back and become emergent into a function of collective change and growth, to embody compassion and empathy, the place to open to the primal internal drumbeat that causes us all to rise up and dance.  They are the symbolic motivation to a journey of development from the personal to universal.  Sometimes a piece of art can be a companion in the process.

Often, we seek wholeness through interacting with the natural world. We can access a moment of insight to own calling by catching a glimpse of an animal in the wild, or even through the familiar gaze of a beloved pet. Our nature is expanded and enhanced by our appreciation of those who look not like us, behave differently, but dwell and share our environment.

I seek to create animal images that are intended to remind us of our own animal nature to help us connect to the soul lesson of play and laughter. I offer work that originates from a center of levity, mirth, and joy by employing gesture pause and phrasing.